Marine Agency

Marine Agency

Through our strategic partnership, we provide ship agency services covering all types of vessel on national basis

Whatever you need

Our strong relationships with the local maritime industry and relevant authorities enable our operations team to make all the necessary arrangements for a smooth and efficient port call, as well as facilitate the smooth transition of control from one port to the next.

We go beyond the standard ship agency services with an extensive range of complementary services covering husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics.

Whether you’re controlling an entire fleet or a single vessel, our comprehensive portfolio of services can be tailored to your needs.

Plimsoll Maritime’s tailor-made solutions keep you fully informed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while we promptly meet your needs and adapt to changing conditions.

Safety, security, quality and corporate compliance are our watch words. Plimsoll Maritime is committed to meeting the highest standards, honesty and transparency in everything we do.